Choose an excellent pension for your dog in Laval

I have listed some of the questions that should help you make a wise decision and soothe your mind while you’re in Laval.

Ask if you can visit the installations of their pension for dogs?

Always take the time to visit the Kennel before your reservation. If you are discouraged from visiting, it is a bad sign. If they do not want to see your installation of their care and their pension, then they are more likely to have something to hide.
If the installation of pensions does not want to see you the environment that your pet will be remaining, and then it is very likely that the Kennel runs are preserved impure, or boxes are too small.

If you are not allowed to visit the daycare or dog pension, find another in Laval, QC which will allow you to a guided tour. Canine business owners should be happy to show their business and is not afraid to allow the customers.

How clean is the Kennel?

Areas this pension with several dogs in it will never be a pleasant smell, or be totally honest. However, its staff is an effort to pick up visible dog’s droppings? Is the hotel kept dry? If you notice that the soil is wet, is it because the pension has cleaned recently? This will be only noted if the owner allows you to visit and you can see the area where the housing takes place.

Is my dog permitted to interact with other dogs?

I hear this question many citizens of the city of Laval and to be perfectly honest with you, I do not think that they should have an interaction with other dogs while being safe. Yes, dogs are sociable creatures and need to be educated, but not in this type of environment. As the owner of the kennel, the last thing I want to do, it is having to call the owner and tell them that their dog has been involved in an altercation with another dog. Keep in mind that they are animals and owners can say that their dog will never get aggressive with another dog. It is until it happens! I saw the calmer more enjoyable to get excited and take countermeasures of animals in an environment where there are several turning animals around and violated their space. I only allow dogs on one at a time, unless they are of the same family. Yes, it takes longer but is the surest way for the dog to go out and do his thing. However, you must make the right decision for you.

How much will cost the pension for my dog?

Go away, except in an emergency situation should include a budget for your dog on the map of the daycare. When searching for a pension for your dog to Laval, make sure you ask for the total cost of the stay. Make sure you ask for additional charges for equipment such as yard time other administering medications or special diets. If necessary, get an estimate written before the stay.

Tip for the employees of the center of pension,

Why not drag the staff member an extra something?

Just like the doorman or the trash man, a little tip can go a long way when it comes to slightly more care. If you feel uncomfortable of failover, you might make a nice gesture as bring in cookies or doughnuts when falling out of your dog.

Ask all the questions you can and find the canine center that meets them in the way you want. Only then will you feel comfortable with your dog the pension and the daycare decision then you can enjoy your time away without worry about your dog having been supported correctly.


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